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About Us


Many years ago the hospital property was owned by Dr. Bill Hammerich. Dr. Hammerich had modified his farm and chicken coups to create Valley Vet Hospital. Here he raised a family and practiced as a Large and Small Animal Veterinarian for several years until moving to Oregon in 1977. 

In 1977, the property and the practice was purchased by Jim and Patty Latham. They changed the name to Napa Valley Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Jim Latham was the primary Large Animal Practitioner while Dr. Patty Latham worked in Small Animal. 

In 1997, Dr. Claudia Sonder and Dr. Jeff Northrup began working for Jim and Patty Latham. Several years later in 2001, Jeff and Claudia bought the practice and the property from Jim and Patty who retired to Colorado. 

In 2010, Dr. Sonder and Dr. Northrup hired Dr. Lindsay Fisher as an associate veterinarian to the practice. She primary worked in Large Animal, but would help from time to time with Small Animal.

In 2013, after Dr. Sonder was offered and accepted a full-time position at UC Davis Center for Equine Health, Dr. Lindsay Fisher purchased the Large Animal practice from Dr. Sonder and took over as the primary Large Animal practitioner. The practice then got the new name of Napa Valley Equine.  

About Us

Dr. Lindsay Fisher is our primary Equine Practitioner. She is available for appointments and emergency services. Dr. Claudia Sonder looks forward to continuing to be a part of the practice and will be working with us two days each month and is also available for questions and consultations. We welcomed a new associate veterinarian, Dr. Vanessa Gant Bradley, to our practice at the beginning of 2013. She is available for appointments and emergency care. Dr. Gant Bradley is also in the process of becoming a certified veterinary acupuncturist. We look forward to incorporating some Eastern medicine to become a more well-rounded and full service practice.

Our practice services the entire Napa Valley and some surrounding areas. The clinic offers a set of stocks, a small surgical suite and stalls for procedures and temporary hospitalization. We also have two fully stocked vet trucks and mobile equipment to bring our services to you and your horse.  

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